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When it’s time to have your septic tank cleaned, call the professionals at G&T Services. Our experienced team has served Omaha and Council Bluffs homeowners for 20 years. As experts in both aerobic septic systems and conventional leach septic systems we are fully qualified to pump your tank, clean your system, and inspect for repairs.

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How much does septic pumping cost?

Affordable Septic Pumping: Starting at only $275

The cost of your septic pumping service is determined by 3 main factors:

  • Septic Tank Size: The most influential factor in the cost of cleaning a septic tank is the size of your tank.
  • Water Usage: Water usage can impact the price of your septic services. Thus, the more water you use, the faster your tank will fill up, and thus pumping is needed more frequently.
  • Repairs: After cleaning, a complete septic system inspection ensures all parts are working. If repairs are necessary, this will impact the total cost of your septic tank service. 

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